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At APH, Safety Counts

At American Plumbing & Heating, safety is our highest priority. Safety awareness and practices are at the core of our company values, both in the shop and on the job site. We have a fully staffed and active safety department, with a Safety Officer assigned to each project.

All employees are trained on best safety practices, with annual refresher and update courses. We have a written Health and Safety Plan that complies with all state and OSHA standards, and each of our field supervisors are OSHA certified.

Every day on a job site begins with a pre-planning session that includes a “Tool Box Talk” to deliver safety alerts and warnings that are directly related to the day’s work. In addition, regular safety inspections are conducted on equipment, systems and processes to ensure proper functioning and that all safety precautions are being taken.

This focus on safety has proven results, with a stellar safety record over the past 40 years, as well as one of the most favorable workers’ compensation insurance experience modifier records in the industry.

Working with a company with a focus on safety will pay benefits on next project, in terms of a reduction in time lost to accidents or injuries, more efficient planning, and reduced insurance costs. Demonstrate your commitment to safety by contacting American Plumbing & Heating today.