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At American Plumbing & Heating, sustainable building practices are a part of everything we do.

We are a member of the U.S. Green Building Council, and utilize “best practices” in design, material selection, fabrication and installation for minimal impact on the environment. We are particularly cognizant of the fact that the plumbing systems we install play a significant role in water use and conservation.

Our Project Managers are LEED-accredited professionals who approach each job with a full understanding of the need to minimize water and energy use. Solutions range from simply to sophisticated, from low-flow fixtures, to rainwater capture and reuse, to solar panel systems.

We practice what we preach! Our own office, warehouse and fabrication building is powered by a rooftop solar array that substantially reduces our dependence on utility electricity.

For more information on our sustainability practices, contact American Plumbing & Heating today.